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NRT Business Solutions announces its DCAA Project Accounting add-on for QuickBooks Pro Desktop

NRT Business Solutions is excited to announce that we are nearing completion of development on our newest product – a powerful and robust DCAA compliant project accounting module for QuickBooks Pro!

With a target release date in mid- to late May, our signature web-based e-Timesheet and our desktop application Project Manager will be accompanying the project accounting module in its move to the QuickBooks Pro platform.

If you are interested in the product as either a reseller or a beta partner, please contact us at lpechiney@nrtbusinesssolutions.com.

April brings savings!

This month only, purchase S2 Project Accounting and S2 e-timesheet together and receive a 10% discount on software purchase.

S2 Project Accounting for Sage 100 & 100c 2018 is here!

NRT Business Solutions is pleased to announce that our Sage 100 & 100C 2018 edition of the S2 Project Accounting module is now available for release. Enhancements include expanded features in leave and comp time tracking, Wage Determination tracking, enhanced Incurred Cost Submission preparation and much more.

S2 Project Accounting for Sage 100 and 100(c) 2018 is almost here!

NRT Business Solutions announces the release of the S2 Project Accounting module for Sage 100 2018 – coming in mid-April, 2018. If you are considering an upgrade or are in need of a state-of-the-art DCAA compliant and/or a robust project-based system, now is the time to act! Pre-order now and take advantage of our Spring Sale ending March 31, 2018!

NRT Business Solutions offers a new comprehensive client service plan package.

In our ongoing efforts to enhance the client experience in working with Sage 100 or Sage 100c with S2 Project Accounting and its related modules, we are excited to unveil our latest client service plan package. Please click on the link below to see the details of the newest support package.

New Service Plan Package

If you would like more information about the plan, please call or email us at info@nrtbusinesssolutions.com


Introducing the latest enhancement for S2 e-Time!

NRT Business Solutions announces the newest capability for the S2 e-Time web-based solution – Unlimited Leave and Comp Time tracking. Click on the link below to see an overview of the newest feature for e-Time.

eTime Leave Tracking

If you would like more information on this feature or any of our other Sage 100 project-based solutions, please contact us at info@nrtbusinesssolutions.com.

Coming Soon! New Construction/Project Scheduling Capability within S2 Project Accounting for Sage 100 2018

NRT Business Solutions is excited to announce the soon to be released Construction/Project Scheduling feature in S2 Project Accounting for Sage 100 and Sage 100c 2018. New features include the ability to create templates for all phases a project manager needs to monitor in order to perform at maximum efficiency. Fill in a date within the selected template, and the system will populate the schedule, including a target completion date for the job as well as project tasks that will be used to track costs, revenue, and billings associated with the job. Dependency relationships can be established between tasks, thus preventing a dependent task from being worked until the prerequisite task or tasks have been completed. This exciting feature will be ready for release in June, 2018!