NRT Business Solutions, Inc. has developed strategic relationship with a premier accounting software vendor. As a provider of products for QuickBooks Pro, we offer you highly rated and a popular accounting software solution.

NRT Business Solutions, Inc. realizes that the optimal implementation solution may involve several disparate commercial off-the-shelf applications and that may require integration.

NRT Business Solutions, Inc. has designed and developed a project-oriented software program, the NRT Project Accounting Module™, which is a powerful enhancement to the QuickBooks Pro accounting application.  This enhancement expands the product’s capabilities heightening it to serve project driven businesses such as government and general contractors, architect, engineer, law firms, and other professional service firms.

In addition, our experienced team of database consultants combining technology and professional experience perform data migration, reconstruction, and conversion services. Quality assurance and configuration management are an integral component of our working relationship. Therefore, a strong working relationship with our clientele is important to our mutual success. We repeatedly test to eliminate unexpected and unnecessary errors to ensure control over changes while avoiding loss of valuable data and misuse of resources.

At NRT Business Solutions, Inc., we are always looking for ways to simplify the complex. The industry standard conversion time has been streamlined minimizing the reallocation of resources and disruptions associated with the deployment of a new or upgraded system. Our goal is to allow you to focus your efforts on your company’s profitability performance and attending to your day-to-day business operations.